Body constitutions and herb – Sasang Typology


The Sasang [Sa-Sang] Typology (or Sasang Constitution) is a traditional Korean medical typology, which was systematically theorized by Jae-Ma Lee in his book “Dong-Yi-Soo-Se-Bo-Won [the principle of life preservation in oriental medicine] in 1894. In Korea, it is widely used by fifteen thousands Korean Medicine Doctors (equiv. to MD or OMD) clinically.


Sasang typology explains the individual differences in behavioral patterns, physical characteristics and susceptibility to a certain disease based on their bio-psychological traits. So the Sasang typology is the real Personalized medicine used for hundred years. It also shows temperament-based guideline for safe and effective use of acupuncture and medical herbs not only Ginseng and Ginger but even with significant adverse events, such as Ma-Huang (Ephedra Sinica) and Aconite.


Therapy using sasang typology

Old Asian proverb says, “One man’s medicine is another’s poison.” This emphasizes the differences of individual body.

The brighthealing clinic only uses Korean herbs with GAP(Good Agricultural Practice) certification issued by Korean government for herb remedies. The clinic also uses herbs from clean area like Amazon and Andes Mountains from South America. In addition to using unpolluted herbs, the clinic adds more steps secure reliability and safety of herb remedy by disinfection with ozone gas and cleaning purified water.