Eye trouble


Eye trouble could be treated by Asian medicine

As well as other body cell, eyes filled with 90% of water. But water in somatic cells dried by aging to 60% resulting physical downsizing of each cells in the body.

Vitreoretinal is pertaining to the vitreous humour and retina and requiring continuos supply of flesh water otherwise it causes eye trouble such as farsightedness, glaucoma, senile cataract.


Therapy method

①Finding root cause of eye trouble by thorough consulting

②Gukchim Therapy: Enhancing qui and blood circulation by acupuncture technique by treating blood stagnation on conjunctiva. The technique is working for curing eye dryness, eye sight improvement, glaucoma, senile cataract.

③ Saam acupuncture technique therapy could be used to lower intraocular pressure.

④ Master Tung’s acupuncture technique improves kidney qui for treating eye trouble.

⑤ Warm therapy using far infrared light used to improve eye sight.


Therapy for eye trouble

Generally Gukchim Therapy is widely used to treat various eye troubles.

One month program: 12 sessions acupuncture treatments