‘Gong-Jin-Dan’ is the medicine that used to be taken by Kings. It is a tonic effective for people of weak constitutions and it is easy to take.

‘Dong-Eui-Bo-Gam (Korea’s medical book) describes ‘Gong-Jin-Dan’ as follows:

“If a man is sickly even after growing up, he is constitutionally weak. In such a case, body fluids should be increased but body heat should be cooled down. Other medicines are inefficacious against it, but this medicine is effective to harmonize internal organs with each other and to prevent various diseases.”


Principal Ingredients

– ‘Sa-Hyang (Musk)’: It is effective to unblock energy. Externally it reaches the skin, and internally reaches the bone marrow.

– ‘Nok-Yong (Antler)’: It is effective to keep positive energy, sperm and the bone marrow healthy, as well as to strengthen bones and muscles.

– ‘Dang-Gwi (Largeteeth Ostericum)’: It is effective for hematopoiesis and blood circulation. It regularizes menstrual cycles, and alleviates dysmenorrhea. Also, it relieves constipation.

-‘San-Su-Yu (Japanese Cornel)’: It stimulates negative energy and helps create sperm. Also, it energizes the genital organs and improves erection quality and frequency. In addition, it warms the waist and knees.

– Other medicinal stuffs that have been secretly handed down to YOUNGDO Korean-Medicine Clinic


This medicine is efficacious against:

1. Sexual hypofunction and infertility

2. Hepatic hypofunction caused by excessive stress and overdrinking

3. Chronic fatigue and physical decline

4. Overwork and exhaustion

5. Blood circulatory disorder and physical depression

6. Constitutional infirmity

7. Aging (preventive) and various diseases

8. Hypersensitivity and somnipathy

9. Postoperative enervation

10. Paralysis (preventive)

– Hyposexuality, impotence and premature ejaculation

– Sexual hypofunction and physical enervation (female)


How to Take

– Chew slowly. Drink a cup of warm water after swallowing

– If you have a touch of cold or an indication of indigestion, take it after being in good shape.