Skills of Plastic Surgery by Asian Medicine & Acupuncture


Regenerating skin

Using automated MTS in order to tonify skin tone and regenerate new skin cell. Due to remove outer surface of skin, the procedure helps secretion of sedum and also cleaning pores resulting brighter and whiter skin.


Hongchim Therapy

Using specially designed needle, treats wrinkle and scar by generating collagen. Newly generated collagen will help removing wrinkles. It could be easily understood dissertation of filler underneath of wrinkle of treatments of western cosmetic surgery. This skill treats wrinkles, scars and acne scars. It could be used to reshape outline of face.


Facial Acupuncture

Takes acupuncture points related on mimic muscle with acupuncture needle for treatment. Human uses 80 different muscle to make 7,000 different facial expressions. This skill treats wrinkle, tightens facial muscle to make smaller face without surgery or injection of medication like botulinum toxin.


Skills for regeneration of Epidermis

The most aggressive procedure of stimulation of epidermis to maximize epidermis recovery process of body. The procedure helps self healing power to recover from wrinkle and loosed facial tissue.


Facial Sculpture

Shapes facial outline from severely loosen facial tissue and square jaw line. The procedure lifts tissues and skin layers that are related to make square jaw line. Also the procedure expects treating wrinkle and releasing unnecessarily tightened facial muscle. The procedure also called as ‘V line Asian Medicine Plastic Surgery.’