Meet Our Patient’s Testimonies 

Everybody has power of self healing from the beginning as start one’s life. But people suffer from various diseases due to internal or external factors inevitably.

I believe the power of self healing which is one of the great gifts from the nature. This is the main idea the clinic never treat patient against natural ways. I also believe that this is the best way to cure diseases.

I also use idea of constitutional medicine which has been uniquely developed by one of the great Asian medicine doctors Huh Jun(1539~1615) in Korea. According to Huh’s theory every person could be grouped by 4 different constitutions by it’s strongest and weakest organs. In his book that introduced his 4 different constitions, He also stressed that doctors should analyze very origins of illness before beginning of any form of treatment.

I also agree with Dr. Huh’s idea. I understand that basic idea of Asian Medicine is considering a human as a part of big nature and helps patient by maximizing his/her power of self healing.

I will do my best to find the root cause of patient conditions and most effective ways to help and promote patient’s self healing power.


Our Treatment system

Analyzing constitutions and origin of diseases + detox + acupuncture + herb remedies + special treatment

->healing and recovering/optimizing self healing power