So I came to Dr. Brendon to help me with weight loss. I had been working very hard trying to get this excess weight that I gained off. Nothing was really working. So Eric Joseph my boss at work had suggested that I come and see him. So I came.


And the first time I ever came in I actually hurt my back from working out. And in one treatment, my first treatment of acupuncture completely took the pain away. I was no pain after that. I have never done acupuncture before so I was really really impressed. So I started to come in to him and taking teas and starting to see some improvement.


My digestion, and my weight loss and even when the teas started to not work as well he moved on other thing. He troubleshot what my problems were and actually moved on more needle therapy which is working brilliantly. I have never seen my body changed shape so well.


And all the spot that I have never been able to lose weight and there dwindling away, getting smaller and I looked in the mirror the clothes fit better. It’s absolutely incredible. I love this place and I tell all my friends if you ever need acupuncture if you have trouble sleeping if you have trouble with digestion if you have trouble with anything you should come and see Dr. Brendon.


We joke about it at work so many of us come here now that we thing we should drop our regular insurance and just come to Dr. Brandon as a health insurance because I have never felt so good in my life. Just coming to a place where everyone is really nice. They care and they want to help you and such see improvement with not a lot of time.


I have only been here I think maybe four months maybe five. I am not sure. But I mean I feel and look so much better and it is such nice thing to come in and be with nice people who actually care about helping other people.


So I am absolutely in shock how well this Eastern medicine, acupuncture and all other things I been doing have worked that I highly recommend to everyone that I know.


Weight loss testimony for Bright Healing Center