I came to Dr. Brendon Oh because of the brain stroke that my mother had. He was very well recommended by good friend. And we have been going under his treatments I cannot tell you enough about how much appreciate being under his good care.


He has my mother had stroke about a year ago and through difficult exercises and her efforts she improved maybe about 20%. And just in about an month her improvement increased 20% because of the care Dr. Brandon Oh gave her.


I am extremely impressed by his bedside manner, his ethics, and his care, his kind care that he gives patients. He is very through he explains to exactly what at this Chinese medicine is and what it can do for you.


And I can tell you it is like coming to trying every time come to Dr. Brendon with a problem, he is all fix it. He sure does fix it. I have really come to trust and really care for the Chinese medicine.


I have throughout my life I have been under western care. This is an entirely different medicine for me and I am convinced that it does work 100%. It just is matter of who is the person gives you this care. And I am very privileged to be under Dr. Brendon Oh’s care.


Also I have come to know Dr. Vicky who is professor with the acupuncture and I am also thankful to both of them. Throughout my mother’s care I came also after seeing improvement of my mom I brought my problem to Dr. Oh.


I have been going under a lot of stress due to extreme change of lifestyle and the trauma that be my family’s suffer because my mother stroke and I have been becoming very addicted to sugar and very bad eating habits. I did not have much control over my eating and just not good take care of myself a lot of shoulder pain, a lot of muscle pain and premature aging.


And I can tell you just under Dr. Brendon Oh’s care, his herbal medicine I have improved 100% I am incomplete. Control of my appetite and I am very happy I feel good and inside and I thank him and I cannot thank him enough both Dr. Brendon Oh and Dr. Vicky for the amount of care, concern and good work that they do for both me and my family. Thank you.


Stroke patient testimony for Bright Healing Center