Hi. My name is Jerry Moore.


A year ago I was diagnosed with oral cancer. I’d with forty treatments with radiation and some chemotherapy. As a result of radiation, I have severe side effects, including diminishing saliva, damaged taste buds, and lymph glads damaged.


And I was talking to Eric Joseph he recommended Dr. Oh and suggested I see him. He had done wonders for him. So I decided well why not. Anything I could to do for help me would be great.


After several visits with Dr. Oh I noticed tremendous difference in amount of saliva. That’s returned and it’s continuous return, my taste buds getting better and the lymph damages improved.


I am tremendously happy with results with Dr. Oh and staff. I would highly recommend Dr. Oh to anyone for anything. Acupuncture truly works.


UCLA where I go to group meetings also talks about acupuncture helping cancer victims.

I think Dr. Oh’s is probably the best place to go. So thank very much Dr. Oh.


Oral cancer patient testimony for Bright Healing Center